Some Sidewalks are Getting Repaired around Meridian Township This Year

Some Sidewalks are Getting Repaired 
around Meridian Township This Year

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The 2015 Order to Maintain Sidewalks is in action in Meridian Township, and a neighborhood located between Haslett Road and Lake Lansing Road, just east of Park Lake Road has been inspected for repairs as a part of this year's maintenance. The subdivisions within that area are Everett Farms, Everett Hills, Everett Woods, and Wood Creek.

Things like the levelness of the ground and cracked sidewalk is taken into account when deciding what sidewalks need to be repaired.

These sidewalks in need of repair were marked during an inspection conducted this fall, with a white dot.

Areas in the Township are inspected on a ten-year rotating basis for repairs.

Homeowners adjacent to the sidewalk are financially responsible for sidewalk repairs.

Meridian Township's Department of Public Works & Engineering tries to bid out concrete repairs, so homeowners can get a good deal.

"We give the property owner a choice," said Director of Public Works & Engineering Ray Severy. "They can have us do it; we give them 20 days from the time we give them a notice to repair it themselves, or at least let us know that they're going to repair it within the next 30 days, so they can do it themselves, or they can allow us to do it and pay us for it."

However, ripping up the concrete is not always necessary. Sometimes, sidewalks can be repaired by mud-jacking.

Mud-jacking involves jacking up a concrete slurry beneath the surface, to raise sidewalk that may be displaced, or not level with one another.

A public hearing is scheduled for those who's sidewalks have been deemed in need of repair, for April 21st.

Repairs on these sidewalks are expected to begin sometime this summer.

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