Increase in Sales Tax May Help Fund Schools

Increase in Sales Tax May Help Fund 

LANSING - Governor Snyder's proposed increase in sales tax to help fix roads may benefit public schooling.

"There is a piece in that ballot language that projects that schools across the state will get three hundred million dollars increase in revenue. This is across the state," said Bob Clark, Okemos School's Director of Finance.

"That equates to I think around two hundred dollars per student. But, there's no indication of how that will be allocated, how it will be distributed, or whether it will mean other cuts in the K-12 revenue. So, on the face of it, it looks like a positive. If that initiative passes, it should help schools," said Clark.

However, Okemos Public Schools is still facing possible budget cuts.

"Because of our excellence in academics, we're receiving $100 per student this year, which is about $400,000 for the district," said Clark.

"There are about 20 schools in the state of Michigan who achieved that, and are therefore receiving those dollars. The governor has eliminated that piece from the proposal."

So basically, it breaks down like this. Last year Okemos Public Schools got around $400,000 district wide, for $100 per student. This year, they'll be receiving $75 per student. Which means, that they'll be receiving a total of $300,000 dollars, $100,000 less than last year.

The $75 per student revenue is part of a state-wide increase in school's foundation allowances.

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