Graduation Ceremony Ushers in New Phase in Sustainability

Graduation Ceremony Ushers in New Phase 
in Sustainability

LANSING - Sustainability in the Mid-Michigan is moving forward as the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) celebrates a Sustainability Symposium: Graduation.

The Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability (MMPGS) hosted a graduation ceremony on Thursday, January 22nd to welcome its new phase.

The event took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Lansing and was emceed by East Lansing Mayor and TCRPC Commissioner Nathan Triplett.

Triplett says the graduation ceremony represents a turning point for the MMPGS, "Now its time to take all of these plans, everything that has been put on paper and put it into action in the Tri-County area and the communities that have been involved in this in all three counties."

The ceremony featured an opportunity for the guests to discuss sustainability initiatives as well as view multiple table top displays showing work done by various groups.

It also consisted of an awards ceremony honoring the individuals and organizations that contributed to the multiple programs and projects of the TCRPC.

"We're here tonight to recognize a number of community agencies, partners, and committees that have really been the life plug of this project over the course of the last three years," said Triplett.

One of the many award recipients of the night was Meridian Township which received two recognition awards.

The first was for outstanding performance and lasting contribution for the creation of the "Sustaining the Future" series which was created with the help of HOMTV. The second was for outstanding partnership and lasting contribution to the Michigan Avenue Grand River Avenue Corridor Design Charrette process and portfolio.

Additional Resources
The "Sustaining the Future" series can be found on the HOMTV website and more information on the various sustainability initiatives in the Tri-County area can be found by visiting

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