Meridian Cares Program Exceeds Goal; $6,883 Check Presented to Help Those in Need

Meridian Cares Program Exceeds Goal; $6,883 Check 
Presented to Help Those in Need

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In a little over three weeks Meridian Township staff, elected officials, local businesses, and residents joined together to raise nearly $7,000 to go towards the Meridian Township Emergency Needs Fund to help those in need this holiday season and cold winter months.

"It is amazing how many people donated to the cause, I knew we were close to our goal, but I didn't know the actual number. We are so much further now than we were before this started, it is really impressive," said Darla Jackson, Human Services Specialist for Meridian Township.

The Meridian Cares Team was formed and the program was created with a goal of raising at least $3,000 through donations and raffle ticket sales to help replenish the Emergency Needs Fund that is at an all-time low.

"We turned our annual employee holiday party to a giving party, it is great to help people in need right here in our Township," said Frank Walsh, Meridian Township Manager. "There were a lot of people that helped move this project forward, I want to thank everyone who participated."

About 13 percent of Meridian Township lives below the poverty level which is about 5,000 people according to Jackson. In order to aid those struggling in the community there are programs such as the Emergency Needs Fund.

"The Emergency Needs Fund was established, so that people when they are accessing assistance through lets say the state of Michigan or other community service organizations sometimes there is a gap that still needs to be paid or sometimes there is something that other programs wont cover like medication," says Jackson.

The Emergency Needs Fund helps eligible residents with things such as utilities and making rent, they also team up with local groups and rely on donations for things such as food and seasonal gifts.

Although the raffle ticket fundraiser for the Meridian Cares Program is over, donations are accepted year-round for the Emergency Needs Fund.

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