National Adoption Month Kicks Off

National Adoption Month Kicks Off

LANSING - November is National Adoption Month. Currently there are 13,000 children in the Michigan State Foster Care Systems.

3,000 of those children are available for adoption. On November 23rd St. Vincent Catholic Charities will be having their annual Adoption Child Art Exhibit. Michigan Supreme Court will also be celebrating National Adoption Day on November 25th starting at 10:00 a.m.

Foster care agencies struggle to find homes for teens. So what happens when they reach the legal age of an adult? St Vincent Catholic Charities Community Relations and Marketing Director, Tamara Johnson explains possible options.

Johnson said, “the state has actually extended the foster care aid where a child can stay in foster care up to the age of 24. That’s something that they have to enroll themselves in. That's not something they're automatically placed in.“

Extending the foster care aid will make them eligible to receive health insurance and financial assistance if they want to enroll in school.

There are other organizations outside of the government that assist foster care children, such as Michigan State University's Fostering Academics Mentoring Excellence organization that benefit former foster youth.

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