Election Workers Prepare for the November 4th General Election

Election Workers Prepare for the November 4th General Election

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Citizens from around the area came down to the Meridian Municipal Building to be trained for working the upcoming election day.

"There's a lot of people in there I know, it's so, what sort of like going to a re-union in a way," said an experienced election worker, Bobbi Dubyne.

"I have 13 or 14 new people, but with so many, I have 141 workers, so the rest of them are experienced, have worked at least once," said Meridian Township's Deputy Clerk, Joan Horvath.

Though some citizens have worked before in the past, due to rule changes, experienced workers have to properly be re-trained before the election.

Workers will start their day roughly around 6am to prepare for the 7am arrivals; polls will close later in the night at 8pm. They will be paid $10/an hour, while the chair and vice chair receive an extra $20 for the day as they work later hours with more responsibilities.

Even with the early shifts for this year's general election, the worker's are still very thrilled to contribute to the voting.

"It makes me feel like part of the process and I enjoy it, I enjoy talking with voters and with the other people who are working the election. It's a good way to start the morning," said election worker Bob Lovell.

Voting will take place on November 4th.

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