Okemos High School Wins Greenest Travelers

Okemos High School Wins Greenest Travelers

UPDATE: OKEMOS - Okemos High school students and faculty members cut single-passenger car traffic in their school parking lot by 50 percent and won CATA's annual competition, "CATA Clean Commute high school." The competition is focused on reducing the number of single-passenger vehicles by choosing to bus, carpool, walk, bike or van pool when classes began.

More than 400 cars typically fills Okemos high school but they trim that total in half with 200 cars in the parking lot for the competition.

Advisor of Okemos high school's environmental club, Dave Chapman says that he was pleased that the students won because it was all their work not teachers.

As the winner of the competition, the school earned a 6-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide trophy displayed in the school's lobby entrance.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Okemos high school earns a grand trophy in annual "CATA Clean Commute High School Challenge" for reducing the most number of single-passenger traffic in school's parking lot. But it was more than winning the competition, find out more on October 10th on Meridian Magazine

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