Haslett Receives Broadcasting Grant

Haslett Receives Broadcasting Grant

HASLETT - Haslett High School was one of the six schools a part of the MHSAA School Broadcast Program that received grant funds from the Detroit Sports Broadcasting Association.

Haslett received this same grant about seven years ago. The previous grant went towards mixing equipment. Haslett receiving this grant twice is no surprise when very few know about the opportunity.

John Johnson MHSAA Communications Director said, "Well actually some years we have to shake the bushes really hard I’m a DSBA member and sometimes we have to really bang the drum out there to let schools know that this money is available. There’s a simple application process any college or any high school with a broadcasting program is eligible to receive the funds."

Johnson also says that traditionally more high schools than colleges receive these grants. A total of $19,000 was given in grant funds this year. The money is to be used for any video production work.

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