Environmental Commission Discusses Renewable Energy Options

Environmental Commission Discusses Renewable Energy Options

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Clean Energy Coalition nonprofit saw that communities needed the tools and knowledge to produce solar energy, so the Michigan Energy Office funded the solar energy guidebook. The book has permitting, planning and zoning guidelines for solar energy panels.

A presentation was given about solar ready communities at a recent Meridian Township Environmental Commission meeting.

The Commission was concerned with whether or not solar panels would work on a state that doesn't get sun year round such as Michigan.

Heather Seyfarth Program Supervisor at the Clean Energy Coalition explains, "Its really not as big a concern as people are worried about. Yeah Michigan's considered a cloudy state compared to Arizona and California but compared to other countries for example Germany, which is leading in the entire world in solar installations they actually have less sun than Michigan does so in looking at them as an example there's no reason why Michigan cant flourish with solar. It does work it will work. It not as huge an issue as people think it is."

After the presentation the Commission was convinced that solar panels could possibly be in Meridian Townships future. Thoughts of having panels on the new fire station were even discussed. No steps have been taken but the idea will be proposed to the Township Board.

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