Farm Animals In Meridian Township

Farm Animals In Meridian Township

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Animals like goat’s, peacock’s, chicken’s and duck’s aren’t your normal house pets. For one local resident, there about around 70 farm animal type pets just hanging out in the front yard.

Residents in the area are fine with the animals themselves, it’s the smells and the sounds that come with those animals. In talking with some of the residence in this neighborhood, the also noted that the bird type animals are able to fly over the low fence, so finding them in there drive ways was a daily occurrence.

Meridian Township can’t do anything about the amount or type of animals this resident has because they are in a rurally zoned area. Neighboring residents can make formal complaints about the smells, and the escaping animals.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At a local home, several different kinds of animals have become house pets. They include 12 goats, 4 peacocks, are around 50 chicken, ducks, geese, and more.

But not all residence are happy about the new pets. Residence are reporting foul smells and load noises.

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