Nature Trail for Cyclists

Nature Trail for Cyclists

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Land Preservation Advisory Board is allowing bicycle traffic on the main trail of the Red Cedar Glen Preserve. There will be allowed temporary bicycle access for one year.

Bill McConnell, Commissioner on the Meridian Township Environmental Commission said, “Normally land preservation properties don’t allow recreational vehicles or recreational use such as bicycles.”

The trail will run from Sylvan Glen Road to Legg Park.

“It’s the only link between Dobie Road and Van Atta from Jolly Road all the way up to Grand River Avenue. That’s a really long distance fro people to have to travel,” said Julie Brixie, Meridian Township Treasurer.

During this trial period the impact to the natural environment by bicycles will be monitored

“If bikes go off the main trail they could damage sensitive vegetation or cause erosion,” said McConnell.

After the one year, if minimal damage is caused access to the preserve will be permanent.

“At certain times of year when the sensitive plants are out that’s a time when we really don’t want runners to be trampling over the trillium. That’s a plant that we really care a lot about,” said Brixie.

Bikers should also be cautions of weather conditions.

“When the ground is firm then they’ll be okay, but it’s in that damp weather when the plants are just emerging that we really want to take the most care," Brixie added.

Bikers are urged to stay on the wood chipped trail. Park rangers are also out on weekends to assist with monitoring. Land markers are also placed throughout the trail to let its users know that they are on preserved land.

So far, there has been minimal damage since the trails opening in mid-November.

“We haven’t seen a lot of destruction by bicycles even in our park systems where bicycles have always been allowed,” said Brixie.

As long as trail users stay on the main trail the Red Cedar Glen Preserve will continue to be accessible to the public.

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