Capitol Corridor Plan Moves Forward

Capitol Corridor Plan Moves Forward

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Within the next few years, Meridian Township residents can expect to see changes happening around the township due to the Tri-County Corridor Plan.

With the help from community input, Meridian Township will be moving from a suburban style Township with big parking lots, to a more urban landscape.

Township Treasurer Julie Brixie said the plan would include implementing more crosswalks to improve street safety, lower speed limits, and add more Capital Area Transportation Authority, or CATA bus stations and storefront businesses.

"We really have a high reliance of cars. And since the 50s and 60s these development patterns of our towns, we put the cars first we forgot about the people. The people are more important that the cars. And we have to make it safe for both people and cars,” Brixie said.

The goal of this plan is to reduce parking by allowing for more walk able storefronts within the area.

Funding for the plan will come from a variety of private companies, CATA, and also state and federal dollars.

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