Clearing the Way for a New Fire Station

Clearing the Way for a New Fire 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township moves forward with preparing the site for the construction of the new fire station near the intersection of Okemos Road and Central Park Drive.

Trees have been marked and contractors have started clearing the site.

Construction of the new fire station is expected to break ground in July, with the opening of the station expected in May 2015.

This step is being taken after the second Temporary Restraining Order filed by residents from the Autumn Park Condominiums was denied by Judge Joyce Draganchuck on May 20th.

"We've spent approximately $75,000 on legal fees so far, with all the challenges we've had. The unfortunate part, is that every dollar we spend on legal fees is one less dollar we can put into the community's fire station," said Township Manager, Frank Walsh.

"For it to be placed in an area where it was not designated as a place for a fire station, I think would deceive a lot of people. We're fighting it because it lowers our property values and it's disturbing to us in the middle of the night," said Autumn Park Resident, Bill Persons.

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