Meridian Township Continues Brush Pick-Up Program

Meridian Township Continues Brush 
Pick-Up Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Ice Storm Brush and Limb Pick-Up Program continues.

The clean-up efforts have slowed down due to the abuse of the program.

The Township will only pick up limbs and brush from the December Ice Storm. Yard waste, bushes, and trees not from the ice storm and anything in bags will not be picked up.

The program is costing the Township around $35,000 a day and is expected to completed by early June.

"Just hope that residents are aware that we're only picking up the items that are not bigger than 8 inches in diameter and 6 feet long. We are only picking up storm related damage, we are not trying to do a spring clean-up for everybody's yard. We are not even halfway through the Township yet, but we already have a tremendous amount of brush collected already," said Dennis Antone, Facilities Superintendent of Meridian Township.

Residents can still take branches to the old Applegate Golf Center on Towner Road. Brush and limbs are no longer being accepted at Wonch Park.

Collection south of Grand River Avenue will begin after May 5th.

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