Meridian Township Fire Station Decision Delayed

Meridian Township Fire Station 
Decision Delayed

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The construction of a new fire station, approved by voters in 2012, was before the Meridian Township Board at the March 4th meeting and the decision has once again, been delayed.

The Special Use Permit and Section 61 Review for the new fire station at the proposed site on Okemos Road and Central Park Drive were on the agenda as action items.

Based on concerns expressed by the Autumn Park Condominium owners, the Township agreed to remove the training tower, reduce the number of bays from 5 to 4, and move the building further from Central Park Drive.

It was recommended that the Township Board have the Planning Commission complete a Section 61 Review for the revised layout of the site before taking action on the Special Use Permit.

"I feel comfortable acting in the full authority of the Planning Commission, as we are allowed to do by right through the appeal process. I feel comfortable doing that and sending this back for the Section 61 Review to the Planning Commission, which has not yet been done. I think that part of the process will suffice and will probably expedite this to some extent," said Julie Brixie, Meridian Township Treasurer.

By state law, the Section 61 Review involves the Planning Commission reviewing the location, character, and extent to determine whether a project is suitable for the site.

According to Community Planning and Development Director Mark Kieselbach, the Planning Commission will conduct the Section 61 Review at their March 24th meeting. The Special Use Permit for the building itself will be an action item on the Township Board's April 1st meeting agenda.

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