Keep Pets Safe During Storm

Keep Pets Safe During Storm

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It is important to be prepared during risks of severe weather resulting in power outages and damage. It is important to have a disaster/emergency kit and to include pets in your plans!

Some general tips to be prepared during a storm include having a fresh water supply and plenty of food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or heated to eat. Don’t overlook any medicine, including prescriptions and preventives for your animals. Have a flashlight and batteries handy to provide a safe source of light and in order to stay warm, don’t forget extra clothes and blankets.

As far as caring for your animals, fresh water and food are most important. If cold weather is a concern, have blankets available for your pet. When there is a power-outage, frequently appliances will make noise or beep and flash. This can be bothersome to animals, so if the weather is safe let dogs outside to escape the noise or shut doors to drown out the noise.

If you have fish, when the power goes out your aquarium will lose heat, air (from lack of water movement), and filtration. Initially the tank is not in immediate danger but if the power-outage continues make note of the water’s temperature. A sealed zip lock bag of hot water can be placed into the aquarium to warm the temperature of the water. In order to keep water in the tank moving as the filter is off, make sure to purchase a battery-operated aerator from a pet shop or bait shop. When the power returns, adjust the heater so the temperature slowly rises back to normal, do not feed the fish until the water is at its normal temperature.

Indoor birds can be sensitive to changes in temperature. Place the bird in a towel or blanket to keep it warm, make sure it still is getting ventilation (don’t use too heavy of a blanket). Outdoor birds, such as chickens and geese, need fresh water and food. Make sure that their housing is insulated and in extreme weather, further seal up the coop.

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