Red Cedar River Clearing Event Scheduled for October 5th

Red Cedar River Clearing Event 
Scheduled for October 5th

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Volunteer work along the Red Cedar River is planned for Saturday, October 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. A total of 19 log jams have been identified which will be the focus of the effort. Volunteers are needed to help remove and clear obstructions in the river to improve navigation. Volunteers will be broken into small work groups and will enter the snag areas on foot various locations along the river. Some volunteers will be in kayaks and canoes to reach the more remote areas.

Last year, a total of 45 people participated including Lansing Oar and Paddle Club, members of MSU Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, neighbors and community members including Brian Van Order, owner of Michigan Demolition and Excavation, Joe Penonni, owner of Rapid Tree Removal, and Alex Ellis from Ellis Arbor Care. They removed log jams, trees, shrubs, trash and debris from the Red Cedar to make it more navigable and accessible for canoes and kayaks.

“In 2012, volunteers removed 10 of the 14 trouble segments of the river between Meridian Road and Dobie Road,” stated LuAnn Maisner, Meridian Township’s Director of Parks and Recreation. “They were able to open up this area of the river that is very difficult to navigate. This year, 19 areas have been marked. We hope with more volunteers this year, we can continue our work to make this beautiful stretch a more enjoyable recreational trail for more people to use.”

Volunteers will gather at the Harris Nature Center located at 3998 Van Atta Road, Okemos to receive their assignment and are asked to wear rubber boots, waders or hip boots and bring a chain saw if possible.

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More information can be found on the Meridian Township website.

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