Michigan Parkinson Foundation Gearing Up for Annual Event

Michigan Parkinson Foundation Gearing Up for Annual Event

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the Michigan Parkinson Foundation's annual fundraising walk "I Gave My Sole for Parkinson's" quickly approaching, Jim Gallow, Chair Person of the walk, spoke a bit about the foundation and the upcoming event at Okemos High School.

"The Parkinson's Foundation is starting it's 30th year in service here in Michigan, and I guess when they first started out they had a few support groups and currently there are 55 in the state of Michigan. It's a good group to have for PD patients to go to, get educated about what Parkinson's Disease entails, what may be coming down the road or not, what research is being done on it, and it also lets you know that you're not alone out there.

The walk is going to be held at Saturday September 21st. The walk and run portion of it will actually start at 10:30 in the morning. It'd be running a 5K and the walk-a-thon part of it is whatever you can walk. The walk itself is obviously to raise money, and it also gets people out including Parkinson's Disease patients themselves.

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