Local Heroes Recognized

Local Heroes Recognized

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the August 20th regular Township Board meeting, Fire Chief Fred Cowper gave a presentation and awarded recognition to citizens and fire fighters for a couple recent emergency incidents.

Lieutenant/Paramedic Paul Cullimore, Fire Fighter/Paramedic Brian Pennell, and Fire Fighter/Paramedic Michel Kueppers were recognized for their efforts in the revival of a 5-year-old boy from a near drowning incident at the Michigan Athletic Club earlier this month.

Local resident Mr. Zubar Ahmad and his daughter Ms. Amna Madiha Anwar were recognized for their efforts in alerting and saving their neighbors in the middle of the night when their house caught fire in Okemos last week. Ms. Anwar noticed the glow from the fire at around 3:00 a.m. and alerted her father. Mr. Ahmad called 911, ran to the house, and pounded on the door to alert the family. The occupants were unaware of the fire and all six children and two adults were able to escape without injury.

“The efforts of Mr. Ahmad and Ms. Anwar that night directly contributed to the entire family getting out of the house safely,” said Fire Chief Fred Cowper.

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