School Safety Technology Grant

School Safety Technology Grant

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Township Board approved the Police Department's request to apply for a school saftey grant awarded through the Michigan State Police. This grant was created to provide funding of up to $20,000 to local law enforcement agencies and schools.

"But what this does is foster collaboration between these entities. Which is really important because the technology enhancement grants are really just a small part of a larger plan to ensure school safety," said Jill Byelich, the Grant Adviser from the Michigan State Police.

If awarded it will help enhance school safety at both Haslett and Okemos Public Schools. This grant was created in response to Governor Rick Snyder's call to provide safer school environments.

"What we are looking to purchase if we are awarded the grant is an emergency alerting system. Its a two way radio system that there is a way to alert law enforcement that there is an emergency at a specific school building," explained Meridian Township Lieutenant Ken Plaga.

What this system will do will give an emedit response one the system is activated. It would alert police enforcement directly and give the building where there is an emergency to cut down on response time.

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