Yellow Jug Old Drugs

Yellow Jug Old Drugs

UPDATE: HASLETT, MI - Haslett Health Mart on Marsh Road has been running a program called Yellow Jug Old Drugs for about a year.

The program is for efficient and safe removal of medications from patients’ homes. They properly dispose of all kinds of medicines, creams, liquids, and ointments that are both prescription and over-the-counter.

The program has been very successful, according to staff at the pharmacy. They dispose of about 700-800 pounds of medication in a three-month period. This has increased over the past year.

"It goes into a jug where there is a compound that starts to break down the chemicals and then it is burned." Staff Pharmacist Cindy Gasper explained. "And this is the only safe way to get old medications out of the biosphere and not have them come into ground water."

Gasper also says that Haslett Health Mart is the only pharmacy in about a 30-mile radius that utilizes this program to dispose of medication safely.

ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT, MI - A local pharmacy collects expired medicines to help keep our ground water clean.

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