Fighting Human Trafficking

Fighting Human Trafficking

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - The issue of human trafficking has gone unnoticed to many people

"We've determined in Michigan that probably up to 115 individuals are trafficked every month," said Michigan Senator Judy Emmons.

But recently, legislation and other efforts are being made to combat this issue.

"We want to increase that to a felony, increase the financial penalties as well as it should be and the prison time also," said Emmons.

Other groups are also making it a point to have legislation passed to help out the victims.

"Michigan does not have adequate laws number one to protect victims and number two that gives tools to law enforcement that they should have in order to prosecute and for prosecutors to be able to do this," said Jane White, director of the Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force.

The committee in which both Senator Judy Emmons and Jane White are a part of is dedicated to five areas, legislation and policy, raising public awareness, professional training, victim services and data collection.

"We want to craft legislation that actually helps people and punishes the perpetrators," said Emmons.

"We have to mirror those laws in other states and the federal government that have been very successful," said White.

Michigan's international borders make it a major hotbed for trafficking.

"We are confident that we will make an impact; we don't want Michigan to be the Mecca of human' trafficking. We want to send the message that this stops here," said Emmons

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - Much is to come on the topic of human the new episode of InnerView for more.

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