"Abortion Bill" Passed

UPDATE: LANSING - Governor Synder passed House Bill 5711.The bill passed 27-10 and is being called the most restrictive measure to date. Supporters believe this will help provide protection for the health and welfare of women in Michigan, critics believe that it restricts women's rights.

"A women's ability to control her reproductive processes is very import to her well-being, her education, and future," said Mary Pollock, Legislative President and Lobbyist for the Michigan National Organization for Women.

"I would say it has to deal with the right of the individual in the womb; and the government has the right to protect that infants' life," said Father Anthony Strouse Parochial Vicar for St. Thomas Aquinas Parish.

The bill originally included changes that many seen as extremely radial and has been revised several times. What the bill does:

1) New protections to ensure that women are not coerced into receiving abortions against their will

No woman should be forced to have an abortion against her will, and under this law, physicians or qualified health professionals will screen patients to make sure that coercion is not taking place. In addition, thoughtful, thorough information and training tools will be developed to ensure that women have the opportunity to review information regarding this type of coercion and the resources available to them.

2) New requirements to ensure that certain health facilities performing abortions be licensed and inspected

Under HB 5711, facilities that have advertised outpatient abortion services and that conduct more than 120 surgical abortions per year will need to comply with health and safety standards already met by several locations across our state. This bill also provides that waivers can be granted to any facility that existed in 2012 or before.

3) Public health standards to ensure that fetal remains are disposed of properly

Health care facilities in Michigan abide by certain guidelines in the disposal of fetal remains, all in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community. HB 5711 codifies those measures into law to ensure that they are followed.

Critics believe that these restriction on abortion clinics have been made to create obstacles that many clinics can not afford to overcome, as a result they will close.

"Abortion is not a invasive procedure in the early months and does not need to be done in a surgical facility," said Pollock.

"It is important that whatever is done that it is up to medical standards," said F. Anthony Strouse.

"The majority of the population may want a few restriction on abortion, and we have those- we have too many of those- but they don't want to ban it. Radicals want to ban it and they need to be stopped," said Pollock.

"We would hate to see the infant that may have been able to cure cancer not be a part of our society because a woman was coerced into having an abortion when she didn't know all the facts," F. Anthony Strouse.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Governor Synder passed House Bill 5711.The bill passed 27-10 and is being called the most restrictive measure to date.

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