Communications Department Donates Production Equipment

Communications Department Donates 
Production Equipment

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After the completion of the renovations to HOMTV’s studio facility and transitioning
to a high-definition control room this past fall, Meridian Township’s Communications Department donated its control room equipment.

A video generator, video switcher, cables and monitors were donated to Williamston Public Schools to
further enhance and develop the media arts department at the high school. Since the creation of
Williamston's control room in 2000, the media department has been functioning on a very tight budget, forced to rely on outdated equipment collected from various garage sales and donations throughout the years. Justus Rohlfs, Commercial Videographer and Williamston High School alum saw a dire need for a functional control room. Despite the technology being a few years outdated and of low value since the advent of high-definition technology systems, Rohlfs said receiving any professional equipment compared to none is beneficial. "This will give inspiration to students looking to start in the media field," he said.

Additionally, HOMTV donated its two teleprompters to other community access channels within the state. One prompter went to John Mangopoulous, producer of "Battle of Ideas”, which airs on Meridian Township's community channel, CAMTV. The other prompter went to MACTV Network, Mount
Pleasant's community access station, which serves twelve counties in Mid Michigan.

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