Carving Out a Niche

Carving Out a Niche

UPDATE: HASLETT - With retirement usually comes more free time for a lot of individuals, and with that free time many decide to pick up a new hobby. As one new group in Meridian Township is showing us, wood carving might not be a bad option.

For the guys in the Red Cedar Carvers Guild, Saturday afternoon has become a kind of ritual. The group formed this past January, and for member Bill Peterson, it's not just about the carving, but the camaraderie too.

"It is very enjoyable, all the way around. You couldn't ask for a nice group of fellas to be around," said Peterson.

"We've got college professors, we've got retired people from the board of water and lights. We've got GM employees that are a retired, so it's quite an array of talents that are here."

John Barany, who formed the guild, said it's how the guys interact and learn from each other that keeps it enjoyable.

"They're learning. They're jawing at each other and sharing ideas, and smarts and so forth," said Barany. "And every once in awhile they'll say, 'can you help me with this ear?' or 'can you help me with this face?' and you show them."

ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT - One local group in Haslett is carving out a niche of their own, an all-new Senior Living has more.

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