Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor Warning Sirens

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The sirens within Meridian Township have been in place for quite some time and the fire department has recognized that their siren system is due for an upgrade.

"We are going through a new dispatch center that will have the utmost technology that is going to be able to help set off our warning sirens," Fire Chief Fred Cowper said.

Through this new dispatch center, the tornado system will be at full capacity at all times prepared for immediate notification to Meridian and the surrounding areas during an emergency.

With safety as the primary goal, the Township Board has offered their full support to the fire department by granting $45,000 from the fund balance of the general fund saying that this update is a public safety measure that is the responsibility of the township to maintain at a state of the art level.

One of the ways they are doing that is by replacing one of their most outdated sirens at the corner of Academic Way and Haslett road while another located behind the lodges apartment complex will undergo minor renovations.

The upgrade is set to take place in May.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township is upgrading their outdoor tornado siren systems to ensure the safety of everyone in the community. Watch Meridian Magazine for the details.

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