Vernal Pools at a Wetland Walk

Vernal Pools at a Wetland Walk

MERIDAN TOWNSHIP - As part of the Wetland Walk series, community members can gather together to learn about the various wetlands around Meridian Township. This time they got to experience the ever fleeting nature of vernal pools.

Vernal pools are wetlands found in forests that will temporary fill up with water during the spring but tend to dry up towards the end of the summer.

Due to their temporary nature, fish aren't found in the pools. Despite the lack of fish, the pools are teeming with life such as the fairy shrimp, tadpoles, beetles and salamanders among many other creatures.

"Vernal pools are an amazing way to remember how special small things are," says Emma Campbell, the Land Stewardship Coordinator for Meridian Township. "How all the small things make up all the big things and we really need to treat everything with kindness."

Wetland Walks are offered once a month. To find the times and more information about wetland walks, head over to the Meridian Township website calendar which will list the dates for the upcoming wetland walks.

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