New Standards Bill introduced for Dogs Living Outside

New Standards Bill introduced for Dogs Living Outside

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For a year now Bill HB 4784-86 has been sitting at the House Judiciary Committee waiting for a hearing. This bill would increase the sheltering standard for dogs living outdoors.

The sponsor of Bill HB 4784-86, State of Michigan Representative Tommy Brann, created this bill after concerns were brought to his attention about outdoor dogs not having the proper living conditions in the winter.

Brann said, “I get constituents every winter calling me from Wyoming, Michigan. They’re concerned about a dog, it’s not their dog, it’s their neighbor's dog, but there’s no proper shelter. They call and can’t get anything done, and it really takes a toll on them.”

Bill HB 4784-86 would specifically require dog owners to supply their outdoor dogs with a proper dog house. No use of unmodified plastic and metal barrels would be allowed, and outdoor shelters would require real floors (no wire).

Dry bedding and water are also required under this bill, along with the prohibition of chain leashes.

Brann said, “My bill gives a little more detail and information for enforcement so when they knock on that door they have some focused ammunition in solving this problem.”

Capital Area Humane Society points out, “Many people think that a dog’s fur protects them from cold and heat, but that’s not always true. There are many factors affecting a dog’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures including coat thickness, age, health, size, and body fat.”

Brann said, “If you’re gonna be a dog owner you should treat them like your companion, not a piece of property you put outside.”

The next step for Bill HB 4784-86 will be for a representative to hold a hearing with Brann and The Capital Area Humane Society. Next, the Bill would have to be voted out to the house floor, then to the senate, and finally the Governor would have to sign the Bill into action.

Approving this bill would provide a commonsense definition of adequate shelter for outdoor dogs so that the law can be applied equitably across the state.

To support this bill you can contact House Judiciary Committee Representative, Graham Filler, and ask if he would hold a hearing for HB 4784-86.

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