Whitmer Urges Cooperation on Recovery Plan and Budget

Whitmer Urges Cooperation on Recovery Plan and Budget

LANSING - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer urged the Legislature to work with her on the Michigan COVID recovery plan and the state budget. She also presented the findings about how to bring opportunity to people in poverty.

The plan includes $5 billion in federal aid that was passed in December. $575 million would go toward testing, tracing and lab capacity, $225 million would go to support small businesses and other funds would go to programs like food assistance, rental assistance, schools and unemployment.

“This is crucial support that we need to deploy at the earliest possible moment,” Whitmer said. ”We are leaving that $5 billion just sitting on the table.”

Last week, Whitmer unveiled her budget proposal for the 2022 fiscal year which includes money for infrastructure, school, opportunities for families and business as well as the recovery from COVID-19.

“I’m proud of this budget, it invests in our people, funds key projects and unlocks our potential for business and our workforce,” Whitmer said. “We have two moving pieces here the Michigan COVID recovery plan and the 2022 budget proposal, we got to get both done.”

The Michigan Poverty Task Force, which was created in December 2019, unveiled recommendations on how to help people in poverty get on the right track. There were 35 recommendations organized in five areas. These include benefits, economics, criminal justice, health, safety and housing as well as education.

“These recommendations are the first step toward restoring the state’s safety net and bringing opportunity to struggling families,” said Kim Trent, Labor and Economic Opportunity deputy director for prosperity. “Creating conditions that give every Michigander access to economic opportunity and prosperity is one of the most sacred duties of state government.”

According to ALICE, 43% of Michiganders earn less than the basic cost of living and one in five children live in poverty.

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