Free Fishing Weekend Returns to Michigan

Free Fishing Weekend Returns to Michigan

LANSING - Get those fishing rods ready because free fishing weekend returns to state parks on Feb. 13 and 14.

During the free weekend, all fishing license fees will be waived and you do not need a recreation passport to enter state parks or boating access sites. You do not have to be a resident to take part in free fishing activities anyone is welcome to fish for free.

Fishing regulations will still apply and there are rules to consider such as:

• Steer clear of dark spots or places where the snow looks discolored
• Never fish alone
• Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return
• Always test the ice with a spud
• Take the appropriate emergency items, such as a lifejacket and ice picks
• Take a cell phone with you in case you need to call for help
• Dress in your warmest winter clothes; fill a thermos with hot coffee, chocolate or tea; and bring an empty bucket or old lawn chair to sit on.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources weekly fishing report, as of Feb.10, Perch, Bluegills, Walleye and Pikes were some of the species being caught in the past week in various parts of the state.

Free fishing weekend happens twice a year. The next weekend for free fishing will be June 12 and 13.

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