Haslett Marathon Gas Station Demolition and Reconstruction Approved

Haslett Marathon Gas Station Demolition and Reconstruction Approved

The Meridian Township Board approved the brownfield plan on July 7th to finance the razing and rebuilding of the Marathon gas station located at the southeast corner of Marsh and Haslett Road.

The brownfield plan will be slightly over $304,000 with an estimated twenty-seven-year tax capture that will begin in 2021.

While still maintaining the current gas tanks, the new station will also have diesel gas tanks. There will be a certified operator of underground storage tanks required on site for daily reporting and (potentially) an electric charging station.

The new building will cost one million dollars and the current State Equalized Value is just under a million and a half. After project completion, the taxable value will be just over four million.

This item has been on the Board’s agenda for three years and passed with a vote of five to one. The concerns raised in the meeting were from Clerk Dreyfus, who voted in opposition.

“I am opposed to the project itself. I don’t think it’s a good use of revitalization. I don’t believe it’s going to beautify the area it’s going to make it slightly less beautiful with having the building too close to the road,” said Dreyfus.

Treasurer Phill Deschaine agreed that the station looks fine from a far but rebuilding this Marathon will be a valuable service to the people of Haslett.

“I compare this Marathon to a Hollywood movie set. It looks great from a distance but once you get past the façade, it’s just dirty. With the money needed to fix it with the twenty-seven-year payback, it’s a good investment and I’m excited about it,” said Treasurer Deschaine.

There will be a one million-dollar investment from the property owner, Rob Saroki who will also create five new jobs while retaining the previous seven jobs.

“The way that public purpose is defined is through significant investment, does it create jobs, and will taxes increase? This project satisfies all three criteria,” said Economic Development Director, Ken Lane.

Saroki is waiting on the final plans from the architect to be finalized by the city in the near future.

Shannon Strang, who has been the head cashier at the Marathon for six years is thrilled about the new building.

“I’m excited for all of it! We’ll have a chicken place, a pizza place, a walk-in beer cooler, the new shop, and the shop will have a waiting area. It’s what Haslett has been needing for a long time,” said Strang.

The construction team will most likely break ground within thirty to forty days according to Saroki to give the corner of Marsh and Haslett Road a fresh, new look.

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