Salons Prepare to Safely Open on June 15th in Meridian Township

Salons Prepare to Safely Open on June 15th in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Hair salons, barbershops and similar businesses across Michigan will be opening back up on June 15th to the public as Governor Gretchen Whitmer moves further into reopening the state. This includes opening businesses such as nail salons, massage and tattoo parlors and any other personal care facility.

These businesses are one of the last to open back up in Michigan. They were given a ten-day notice before the 15th to get their places back in order and ready for customers that haven’t had a professional haircut in months.

Local salon owners found the period of waiting to be challenging.

“It was hard because there was no guidance,” said Anne Latunski, Owner of Salon 7 and Spa in Okemos. “There was no one saying, ‘We hear you. We hear the stylists. We appreciate this, but at this time you won’t be opening on this date’, just to give a little assistance in knowing when it’s coming.”

“I know that we were one of the last ones to close, so being one of the last ones to open, I guess, didn’t make much sense to me. With that being said, I’m glad we are finally able to open,” said Amy Dawson, Owner of Capellini Salon in Okemos.

Both salons are going above and beyond the orders given to them by the state to ensure that their salons are sanitized and a safe place for their customers.

“I would pride myself in saying I am the cleanest salon in the area,” said Dawson. “My team knows that. They take right after me. They know that sanitation is number one, but it always has been at Capellini Salon.”

Capellini Salon will be practicing three main things to protect against the virus: social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing. For a while, both stylists and guests will have to have their temperatures taken when entering. When moving to the shampooing area, the stylists will be wearing face shields along with their masks.

“I’m going to make sure that anyone who walks into my salon comes in with peace and with ease,” Dawson said. "Capellini Salon is well prepared to manage and safe guard the health and well-being of our guests."

Salon 7 and Spa will have their staff take their temperature every day and a keep record of anyone coming in or out of the salon. When arriving for their appointment, clients are asked to call the salon ahead of time while their stylist makes sure the previous client is gone and their station has been thoroughly cleaned. Then, the stylist will go out and retrieve the customer. The stations are now 10 feet apart to allow for social distancing between clients and stylists.

“We do have so much proper sanitation. We’re going above and beyond what we already do. It was kind of just adding the little extras,” said Latunksi.

Although the two salons are reopening, both owners say that they want their clients to come in at their own pace.

“Everyone has got to do what’s best for them. If your gut is telling you to not go out, don’t go out,” said Latunski. “I’d rather people feel safe than not. It comes down to safety over money in my opinion.”

“Just because the state government called you back and said its okay, it doesn’t mean the time is right for you,” said Dawson.

Salon 7 and Spa is currently doing curbside pickup for any one in need of refills on their hair products that do not wish to come into the salon.

Despite overall health concerns and social distancing, openings and closings, quarantines and the rest of the chaos from this pandemic, these salons are ready to open

“For us, we’re here and we’re ready for you,” said Latunksi.

“I am honored and privileged to be in the industry that I am. I’m proud of the way the industry came together during this whole thing,” Dawson said. “I have bonded with salon owners in the area like never before, and I just feel like united, we stand.”

Dawson added that with mask requirements, she and her team will miss seeing the smiles they provide to their guests, but they will be sure to look for the smile in their eyes.

Additional Resources

For more information on Capellini Salon's reopenning, check out their video on the link below:

The video of our interview with Salon 7 and Spa's owner and stylist Anne Latunski will be up on Youtube and attached to this story shortly. 



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