Governor Whitmer Holds Press Conference on Michigan COVID-19 response

Governor Whitmer Holds Press Conference on Michigan COVID-19 response

LANSING - On May 1st, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference to discuss Michigan's updated response to COVID-19. Governor Whitmer touched on numerous topics in her press conference, including the protests outside the Capitol yesterday by calling it "disturbing" and says, "That's not who we are as Michiganders. Michigan needs to come together to defeat our common enemy, the coronavirus." She also called the protests "political theatre."

Whitmer expressed empathy for people who are angry and restless at home, but she said there is no quick cure and we must do our part to contain the enemy before we move forward in a step by step way.

Governor Whitmer will lift restrictions on the construction industry, real estate, and outdoor workers on May 7th. Best practices will be implemented to protect workers and site supervision will enforce this practice at individual locations.

In the meantime, she pleads for an all hands on effort to Stay Home, Stay Safe. Those who are troubled by being stuck in their homes and fear for livelihood can contact Michigan.GOV/ Stay well or text RESTORE to 741741 for support.

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