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Second Commercial Sign Approval For Local Grill Restaurant

The Zoning Board of Appeals virtual meeting took place on Wednesday, December 16th to discuss a vari...[More]

Commercial Planned Unit Development in Partnership with Meridian Mall Approved

The Planning Commission held their virtual meeting on Monday, November 23rd and discussed the amendm...[More]

Commercial Medical Marihuana Facilities Lottery in Meridian Township

On Monday, September 23rd, Meridian Township held a lottery in the Municipal Building to determine t...[More]

Commercial Property Group LLC Sign Request

The Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals discussed the Commercial Property Group LLC request a...[More]

Meridian Township Welcomes Woodworth Commercial

A new business that will help decrease the blight in the Meridian Township was officially welcomed y...[More]

Commercial Bank Unveils Okemos Branch

Meridian Township gained a new business on May 21st as Commercial Bank unveiled their Okemos branch ...[More]

Township 2018 Goal: Redevelopment of Core Commercial Areas

In 2018, Meridian Township has set a goal for itself to redevelop the it's core commercial areas. ...[More]

Township Board Approved Rezoning of New Hotel and Denied Rezoning of Commercial Area

The Meridian Hospitality, LLC, had requested a rezoning on the terms of how a new hotel will be buil...[More]

MF Okemos, LLC Making Changes to Commercial Property

During the recent Zoning Board of Appeals meeting MF Okemos, LLC requested four variances for the co...[More]

Eyde Rezone Could Mean More Commercial Areas in Meridian Township

At the March 23rd Planning Commission meeting, part of an rezoning project by the Eyde Company was a...[More]

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