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Poll Shows Michigan Teachers are Concerned About Teaching During COVID-19

The Michigan Education Association surveyed 4,700 of its members on various topics relating to educa...[More]

Learning Walk Week Helps Teachers Learn and Encourage

In an effort to grow professionally, teachers in Haslett participated in Learning Walk Week. Hasl...[More]

Teachers Receive Award of a Lifetime

For a teacher, there's never a more rewarding feeling than seeing your students succeed. From readin...[More]

Teachers Use Common Core to Help Transition Grade Levels and Implement Knowledge

In the last installment of our 3-part series, we took a look at how after-school tutoring centers ca...[More]

MSU Professor Comes Up With 'The Navigator' To Help Teachers With Common Core Tools

Michigan State University researcher William Schmidt has created a free web-based tool to help educa...[More]

Local Teachers Recognized at OEF Banquet

The Okemos Education Foundation held a banquet on Nov. 21 for local teachers and volunteers. The ...[More]

Okemos Teachers Recognized for Their Commitment to Excellence

The Okemos Education Foundation will honor nine recipients for their outstanding leadership abilitie...[More]

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