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Nokomis Learning Center Showcases Beauty and Culture of Indigenous People

Victoria Voges works as the Scheduling and Educational Coordination/Collections Caretaker and Manage...[More]

Welcoming Diversity in Meridian Township: Celebrating Many Cultures

Meridian Township residents are joining in on the nationwide celebration of diversity week. Welcomin...[More]

Local Events Bring Culture and Food to Residents This Weekend

Meridian Township residents have some options for how to spend their weekend with a variety of activ...[More]

Youth Hockey Culture

In the United States, the big cash cows as far as sports go are Basketball and Football. They rule t...[More]

Great Lakes Folk Festival: Fusion of Cultures Fills East Lansing

The 12th annual Great Lakes Folk Festival filled the streets of East Lansing with the scents of regi...[More]

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