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Rising Health Care Costs Continue to Hurt Michigan Families, Overall Economy

The Economic Alliance for Michigan recently released a report showing how rising health care costs a...[More]

Ingham Community Health Center Celebrates 50 Years during National Health Center Week

This week, the Ingham Community Health Centers celebrates both 50 years of health centers in the Uni...[More]

Ingham County Health Plan Surplus Debate Continues

The debate over what to do with a surplus of nearly $10 million from the Ingham County Health Plan r...[More]

Ingham County Officials Discussing Options for Ingham Health Plan Surplus

Ingham County Commissioners met Monday, June 15th to discuss what should be done with a surplus from...[More]

Possible Long-Term Health Defects Due to Kids Using Technology

In today's society technology has become a way of life and kids are starting to use technology at a ...[More]

People from All Michigan Counties Rally to Support Mental Health Care

On May 6th, thousands of people gathered in the front lawn of the State Capitol. They are not just f...[More]

Health Plan Expansion Covers Dental

The Ingham County Health Services Millage passed in the November election leading to an expansion fo...[More]

400 People Received Free Health Checks at CATA's Health Fair

CATA held its sixteenth annual Health Fair on Friday, April 10th. The event attracted more than 4...[More]

Keep Trails in Meridian Township Healthy This Spring!

Meridian Township has tons of trails to explore during this beautiful spring season, but there's a l...[More]

Spring Cleaning with Green, Healthy Cleaning Products

Not only is spring a time where people break out the bikes, they also take advantage of the warm tem...[More]

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