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Colleges Race to Get the Most Shots-- Flu Shots!

Shots are nothing new to college life but they are when they are flu shots. Colleges across Michigan...[More]

Sewer System Is More Than Just Flushing The Toilet

The study on the State Revolving Fund Draft Project mentioned at the last township board meeting is ...[More]

Is it Worth It? Driving Under the Influence?

Of course drinking and driving is not worth the tragic consequences it can produce. But there are ti...[More]

Flu Season at its Peak

Right now is actually considered "the peak" for the flu season. As of January 23, there have been...[More]

Flu Season Is Coming Our Way

It's that time of year again- the beginning of flu season. Angela Minicuci, Public Information Of...[More]

Senior Citizens Battle The Flu

A local nurse explains how the flu is impacting senior citizens this year, and what they can do to a...[More]

College Students Not Concerned About the Flu

Michigan State students don't feel the threat of the flu during flu season....[More]

Meridian Township Sees Influx of New Businesses for 2013

Business is booming in Meridian Township, and it could be a good sign for future business in the tow...[More]

Political Signs & The Influences on Voters

How much do political signs and television ads influence voters and how they cast their votes at the...[More]

Fluoridation Equipment Grant

You can't see it, smell it or taste it but it will help keep you healthy. Find out what is in our dr...[More]

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