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Lake Lansing Road Construction Aims to Improve Community Transportation

Michigan roads can be difficult and unpleasant to drive, but cruising down Lake Lansing Road will so...[More]

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) Awarded with Grand Prize

The Capital Area Transportation Authority, also known as CATA, was awarded a grand prize in the annu...[More]

Congress Passes Emergency Funds for Transportation Departments

Back in July, the United States Congress provided additional funds to state road departments to help...[More]

Michigan Department of Transportation Roadwork Begins

Roadwork begins in Downtown East Lansing....[More]

Transportation Funding Bills: Will you pay an additional tax?

Gas tax to pay for five proposed transportation bills....[More]

Regional Active Transportation

Check out Meridian Magazine to see how Meridian Township officials and community groups are encourag...[More]

County Transportation Millage

The curb to curb bus service picks up people with extra care. ...[More]

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