HOM Entertainment

On this episode of HOM Entertainment, HOMTV's Brandie Yates sit down with two Okemos High School stu... 12/13/2018

Open Line

November's mid-term election dramatically changed the roster of officials representing the community... 12/13/2018

Beyond The Badge

On this episode of Beyond the Badge, we talk to police officials regarding the legalization on recre... 12/13/2018

Meridian News Now: Special Report

On this episode of Special Report, we take a look of the steps taken by Meridian Township to become ... 12/13/2018

Inside Okemos Athletics

On this episode of Inside Okemos Athletics we feature the Okemos High School Girls Basketball Team a... 12/13/2018

Coffee Break

On this episode of Coffee Break, according to the 2013 U.S. Census, about 13% or 5,000 people in Mer... 11/27/2018

All Access Sports

On this episode of All Access Sports, we take a look at MSU Football and discussed how the rise of R... 11/19/2018

Senior Living

On this episode of Senior Living, we visit local author and artist Millie Crohers, meet the 2018 "Ou... 11/19/2018

Meridian News Now

Watch a new episode of Meridian News Now Monday-Friday LIVE at 1:30pm on Comcast Channel 21, www.hom... 11/15/2018

Community Connection

On this episode of Community Connection, we visit a Chocolatier Konnie Zsigo to hear what inspires h... 9/28/2018

Who`s Who

On this episode of Who's Who, we sit down with Darcy Schneider, Assistant Vice President in the Syst... 9/21/2018

Throwback Thursday

On this episode of Throwback Thursday, we go back to the first ever recorded episode of Reflections ... 5/1/2018


On this episode of Reflections, Jane Rose Executive Director of the Meridian Township Historical Vil... 4/17/2018

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