Ideas Proposed to Revitalize Carriage Hills Shopping Center

Ideas Proposed to Revitalize 
Carriage Hills Shopping Center

EAST LANSING - A Michigan State University landscape architecture class is designing 14 proposals from scratch for the Carriage Hills shopping center as their senior capstone project.

"Of course we have to be concerned with economic and market reality, and they have the luxuries of less boundaries but it's food for thought," said Allen Russell, DTN Manager of Construction and Design.

The shopping center located off East Lake Lansing Road and North Hagadorn Road is currently looking to fill a vacancy and re-stimulate business to the area.

"The number one thing we hear is from the community is they would love to have a grocery store. The reality is for the last 20 years there has been three grocery stores at the site and for one reason or another they have all gone away," said Russell.

The estimated production costs for the proposals is $7,000. Therefore, local neighborhoods designed a hopeful funding plan based on supporters.

Requested Funds for Proposal:
-MSU School of Planning, Design & Construction *$3,500
-DTN Management *$1,000
-Meridian Township EDC *$ 500
-Carriage Hills Neighborhoods $500
-Meridian Township Board $1,500

*Confirmed amount asked of supporting entities according to proposal supporter from the Carriage Hills Community Jan Jenkins.

"The Meridian Township Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has agreed to help pay for a portion of the $3,500, DTN has come up and said yes we will help pay, and we have asked the residents in the area," said Jenkins

“That’s really the idea behind this to create a vision, create a buzz. Show the rest of the area that there is an interested group of citizens that will frequent these places should they come to the site,” said Peter Menser, Meridian Township Associate Planner.

Depending on how much money is raised from the neighborhoods will determine how much money will be asked for at the Township Board meeting on Tuesday, April 1st.

The MSU students in the class will present their proposals on April 24th. The public is welcome to attend.

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