CATA's New Plan to Revolutionize Bus Transit

CATA's New Plan to Revolutionize Bus Transit

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - CATA has started an open dialogue with the public about Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT. BRT is a new system that would run in its own dedicated lane and operate on Michigan Ave and Grand River Ave, stretching from Downtown Lansing to the Meridian Mall.

The buses will have a new design and will be able to fit more passengers. "They will have doors on both sides, they will pull up to a station and the station will be even with the doors of the buses," said Sandy Draggoo, CEO of CATA.

BRT can potentially have a large economic impact on the area. Businesses, contractors and apartment owners will be able to buy the stations and develop the area around them.

CATA has been holding open meetings to get feedback on this project. “We’re saying to the people, come give us your ideas, tell us what you like, tell us how you would like to envision this, or tell us if you don't like it, tell us if you think this is absolutely not anything that you want," said Draggoo.

The stake-holder meeting will begin this coming April. CATA hopes to begin the building process by 2017.

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