Preventing Break-Ins During the Holiday Season

Preventing Break-Ins During the Holiday 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the holiday season right on our heels, and after some recent break-ins in Meridian Township Assistant Police Chief Ken Plaga advises all of our residents to make sure they are locking up their houses and their cars.

“The most common mistake is forgetting to lock up your car or your house. Specifically cars. Thieves take an opportunity and so if they go through a lot and they see a car is unlocked and their checking door handles, their most likely gonna go in that car,” said Plaga.

Another important step is to make sure you are constantly checking the vulnerable places in your house.

“Lighting is important making sure you have good lights; porch lights garage lights, lights on timers if you're not gonna home. But also making sure your neighbors are aware if you’re not gonna be home so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and reporting that to the police if they do see something,” he said.

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