Costco Looking to Develop in East Lansing

Costco Looking to Develop in East 

EAST LANSING - Another big box store may be making its way to the area.

Costco Wholesale has announced potential plans to develop the former Four Winds Golf Course on the corner of Park Lake Road and Saginaw Highway.

The 66 acre site is actually located within the confines of East Lansing, although Meridian Township has partial oversight of the zoning. Prior to 2001 the property was in Meridian Township. The City of East Lansing annexed the property through Public Act 108, commonly referred to as the Urban Cooperation Agreement (UCA). The UCA does include a tax sharing component that benefits Meridian Township. In 2001 both communities memorialized an agreement depicting the boundaries of future development.

According to the meeting notification from Costco sent to residents, the proposal will include developing a "member's only retail warehouse with accessory uses to include an attached Tire Center as well as a free-standing Fueling Facility."

A neighborhood meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, June 2nd at 6:00 pm in the Town Hall Room of the Meridian Township Municipal Building.

Representatives will be at the meeting to explain the proposal and answer any questions residents may have.

"Costco is the type of retailer that all Michigan communities strive for. I'm glad to see the company reaching out to the adjacent neighborhood to listen prior to drafting site plans," said Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh.

Costco plans to have a building permit submitted by December 31st in order to build on this site.

Currently Costco has 10 locations in the state of Michigan, none of which are in the Lansing area.

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