Immunization Waiver Rates Reduced

Immunization Waiver Rates Reduced

LANSING - In January 2015, there was a 39 percent decrease in the amount of immunization waivers submitted.

Linda Vail, health officer for the Ingham County Health Department said that she thinks the waiver rates have decreased because before the new law was implemented, it was much easier to get a waiver.

"Prior to the new rule, it was much easier to get a waiver even really at the school. A school official could hand you a waiver form, you fill it out, sign it and you were done."

Now she says people are coming to the health department to get educated on the vaccinations, and afterwards decide that the reason they thought they didn't want their child to get vaccinations is now invalid because they know more information about it.

Terri Adams, registered nurse, said that vaccines are important because they help protect children and adults from deadly diseases.

"Parents have a right to express their religious beliefs and as long as the parents are aware of the what they are doing to their children, they should be given that right."

This school year, there have been nearly 8,000 fewer vaccination waivers.

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