October's Fire Safety and Prevention Month Approaches

October's Fire Safety and Prevention 
Month Approaches

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The month of October is fire prevention month. The Meridian Township Fire Department will be going to a varity of elementary schools educating children on fire prevention and fire safety.

Nearly 3,400 Americans die each year in fires. Most of these fires occur in the home.

"Most of the house fires that we are called out for start in the kitchen. Inappropriate cooking, unattended cooking. Our old fire inspector use to tell us if you're putting something on the stove take your wooden spoon and put it in your pocket and that would remind you if you're walking through the house you think why do I have this spoon in my pocket? Oh that's right, I put something on the stove, but A lot of times it ends up just being smoke that we have to deal," said Bill Priese, Meridian Township's Chief of Training and EMS Operations.

The Meridian Fire Department recommends that families change their smoke detector batteries twice a year, and in the case of a kitchen fire put the lid on the pan or pour baking soda over the flames. The one thing to never do is pour water on a kitchen fire that involves grease.

The Meridian Fire Department will have numerous demonstrations and education opportunities this month.

"Crews will be going out to a lot of the schools, preschools and such, doing programs for them. We educate them on stop drop and roll, exit drills in the house, and having a meeting place. We also are going to have on October 25 from 10 to 1 is our annual open house at our north fire station and our south fire station,” said Priese.

Fire prevention is important year round.

"Just because October is fire prevention month doesn't mean that we don't think about fire prevention year round. Even throughout the year we go to different events," added Priese.

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