The Capitol Will Be Seeing Purple

The Capitol Will Be Seeing Purple

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Alzheimer’s Association - Michigan Great Lakes Chapter is gearing up for their annual Walk to End Alzheimer's event. Jill Clouser, Lansing Walk chair, explains how the association prepares for the walk.

"The walk this year is September 22nd, it is at the capitol and we are very excited. We are hoping to raise $125,000 dollars and have 1,000 people come out that day."

"When you come out we have a band Sudden Impact, who will be playing music on the capitol steps which is really neat and then we will have the opening ceremony at 12:30pm. Myself and some other folks will do a quick talk. Jane Aldrich and Kip from Channel 6 and Channel 47 will be there MCing which is always great to have them. They have been involved with the Alzheimer's Association for many years and real advocates for the Alzheimer's Association and we totally appreciate that. We will have some fun stuff going on. There will be a kids area so we will have one of those big blow up slides and a photo booth this year. We will have shop for a cause, so we have some teams who made homemade crafts. People can come out and purchase them and it will go toward their team total. We have food venders this year. So come out and have a little something to eat."

"Between 12:30pm and 1pm we start our walk around the capital. There is two different walk. There is either a mile or 5k, which ever one you prefer to do. Its just a great day. Lots of people, lots of purple."

"It is raised mostly through our teams. We have a lot of teams that do fundraising through out the year. We also have some really great company sponsors this year that came on board."

"When you see grandchildren and grandparents together, working towards this you realize this is a big thing. This is family coming together to help their loved ones."

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