Capitol Lawn Farmers' Market

Capitol Lawn Farmers' Market

UPDATE: LANSING - This wasn't an ordinary day in Downtown Lansing. The lawn of the capitol attracted quite a crowd from vendors selling their products to people stopping by on their lunch break.

This event on the capitol lawn happens twice a year and Governor Snyder was there to show his support.

Snyder said in a press conference, "This Farmer's Market is a win for all of us and we should be proud of that. Why do I say that its a win for all of us? Because it's an opportunity to show off how great our state is."

But one of the continuing themes of the day is what a difficult year this has been for farmers.

Phil Hadley a farmer at Maria's Garden said, "This year one of the biggest struggles is the heat and making sure all of the plants stay watered. Also making sure the irrigation is working properly because of the immense heat we are starting to lose the plants because of the drought."

The good news is there was a nice rainfall that morning that put everyones mind at ease, atleast for a few hours.

The next Farmer's Market at the Capitol will take place on September 13th.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Farmers gathered at the State Capitol Thursday hoping to raise awareness for Michigan agriculture. The next Meridian Magazine has the details.

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