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LIVE Primary Election Call-In Debates Begin Tonight at 7pm with Candidates Running for Township Board Trustee (D)

HOMTV continues its tradition of excellence with award-winning election programming. Ballot Meridian...[More]

Sanders & Clinton Face Off In Heated Democratic Presidential Debate

Last night in Flint, Michigan the energy was at an all time high as Presidential Democratic Candidat...[More]

Ingham County Health Plan Surplus Debate Continues

The debate over what to do with a surplus of nearly $10 million from the Ingham County Health Plan r...[More]

Mandatory Immunization Debate Continues

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), measles is making a comeback in the U.S. with 600...[More]

Ballot Meridian 2014 Live Debates

Watch HOMTV Channel 21for live debates and round-table discussions on the upcoming elections and bal...[More]

Gun Background Check Mandate Stirs Debate

The gun control debate continues. Who will call the shots? Tune in to Meridian Magazine on Monday 3/...[More]

Ballot Meridian: Township Trustee Debate 10/23/12

If you didn't tune in Tuesday night on your television to Comcast channel 21 or online at,...[More]

Ballot Meridian: Township Supervisor and Township Clerk Debate 10/18/12

If you didn't tune in during the LIVE call-in debate on Thursday October 18th to see the Meridian To...[More]

Ballot Meridian: Township Treasurer Debate 10/15 LIVE at 7pm

Tune in Monday October 15th for the Meridian Township Treasurer's debate featuring Republican candid...[More]

Ballot Meridian: Debate Schedule

Throughout the month of October HOMTV is bringing you Ballot Meridian 2012 election coverage includi...[More]

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